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Any event or advertising campaign is an opportunity for designers to show their creativity. Panels with sequins can help them with this. They are able to attract the attention of others, "revive" already familiar forms and design techniques, giving them dynamism and bright colors. Sequin panels are made for movement. They are a frame with hundreds of pieces of plastic, not rigidly fixed in place. They may carry an image or have a special reflective mirror coating to reflect light rays.

From the slightest breath or even just vibration, the sequins begin to sway, creating the illusion of a picture coming to life or scattering rays and splashes of light, sunbeams. Live advertising looks like magic and attracts the eye, creating the conditions for increasing sales and strengthening the company's image.

Different sequins for successful promotion

Dynamic reflective structures or sequin panels offer a wide range of possibilities for translating design ideas and ideas into advertising. At the same time, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of perception and choose the most optimal variant of "live" panels. You can always just buy panels with sequins. And you can order, taking into account the specific case of their use: an advertising banner, a sign for a store, salon, club, fitness center, interior advertising, photo zone, or brand wall.

If you need to buy sequins for a photo zone or signs, you should contact the manufacturer, and he will definitely provide you with a specialist who will help you choose panels, sequins, their colours and coatings. But still, it is worth knowing the features of these magical structures.

What you need to pay attention to:

  • Shape of sequins;
  • Panel size;
  • The number of reflective elements in the panel;
  • Features of the coating (mirror or matte) and the colour of the sequins

For example, you want to buy sequin panels in bulk to use in your signage and outdoor advertising. You have a design project ready, and you want to use dynamic panels effectively. Look at the SolaAir website in the colour section for colours and perceptual features offered by the manufacturer of dynamic panels. You can see here sequins in sizes 20 and 30 mm:

  • Glossy sequins with a mirror effect to reflect light. These are round, square or hexagonal sequins in 17 colours and shades, including brown and silver, for use both in outdoor and indoor advertising, including photo zones and brand walls;
  • Glossy with satin effect. Sequins square, round and hexagonal, 24 colors, including silver and amber. Shimmer in different colors and create a shimmering effect. They are useful for interior decoration, as well as for short-term use in outdoor advertising;
  • Glossy five colours, including black and white. They are suitable for both outdoor advertising and interior design;
  • Sequins with a chameleon effect are good for interior use or short-term outdoor advertising. We have six types of panels with shades: blue and pink, pink and yellow, lilac and yellow, blue, purple and yellow, orange and crimson, green and blue;
  • Rainbow sequins, including rainbow, rainbow lines, rainbow crystals, rainbow LEDs, and rainbow sand. Designed mainly for interior advertising;
  • Four types of sequins with texture effect: sparkling powder, sparkling gold, sparkling silver, and gold. They look very impressive in interior advertising;
  • Sequins with the effect of "sparkling splashes" of five types for outdoor and indoor advertising;
  • Mirror, satin and regular sequins for applying multi-color images at the customer's choice

buy panels with sequins, advertising panels, SolaAir

Both for the exterior and for the interior, the polymer base of the panels with sequins has the same maximum performance. They are resistant to ultraviolet, and bad weather, elastic and durable. Everything you need to successfully attract attention. You can always order sequin panels with delivery to Canada, the USA, and any European country.

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