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In advertising, the main thing is attracting attention so your information is perceived and pushed to action. A sequined banner increases the chance that your ad will be noticed. Of course, you need to choose the right place to place the banner and think over the offer and the advertising idea. And only after that, it is worth working on enhancing the effect with the help of dynamic reflective panels with sequins.

In general, if you want to sell a product or service, then you just need a banner with sequins. Marketers have already calculated that these small pieces of plastic, assembled into a panel, increase the recognition of your offer by 24% compared to the information of a static advertising image.

What is the best banner to order?

In outdoor advertising, the size and location of advertising is important.

  • Banner cannot be small (let's say one meter per meter) near a road with heavy traffic;
  • It cannot be dim;
  • It cannot contain only call-to-action text;
  • It should catch a person, forcing them to stop looking and read the sentence;
  • It must have night illumination;
  • It can be composed of sequin panels only or include separate dynamic elements from sequin panels

A banner with sequins allows you to "revive" your advertising offer without a source of electricity (electricity is needed for such a banner only for night illumination). The unique design and coating of the sequins themselves greatly increase their resistance to atmospheric stress (strong wind, low temperatures, high humidity, and bright sunlight). Sequins do not fly around under gusts of wind and do not fade in the sun. There is no need to periodically maintain such a banner (clean, repair).

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That is, your sequin ad does not require large investments in creating a banner and maintaining it in working order throughout the entire advertising campaign. If you need a banner with sequins, you can always order it on our website of the manufacturer. You can always get advice from our experts on the selection of panel sizes, the shape and number of sequins in each, the color palette, order fulfillment speed, and cost. Choose what your advertising banner will be: one of many on the streets of the city or more visible and recognizable than all the others. You can always buy panels with sequins. The key is to get your ad noticed.

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