What are the benefits of shiny panels with sequins?

If you decide to buy designs with sequins for outdoor advertising or interior design, you need to choose a dynamic effect: revitalization or reflection of light. Panels with sequins will help make your advertising more noticeable and your interior unusual and memorable. The secret of the magic of sequins is that they are in constant motion, causing the image applied to their surface to “come to life”. If they have a shiny surface, they reflect sunlight with glare and light splashes.

In order for the sequins to be in motion all the time, nothing special is required other than a slight breeze or vibration. That is why panels with sequins are so popular in outdoor advertising and as interior design elements.

Sequin panels: bring images to life and reflect light

First of all, it is worth determining which effect to choose to attract attention and create a special atmosphere. The advertising idea, the choice of design - all these facts are important. But it is necessary to take into account the following features of the effect of using sequins:

  • Shiny sequins are usually chosen to make the design (banner, sign, decorative element) visible. Sequins that reflect light serve as a kind of beacon. Such sequins are chosen not only for outdoor advertising but also for an advertising stand, or photo zone at an indoor exhibition so that visitors can easily determine where exactly your pavilion is located;
  • Glossy, but not shiny, moving elements (sequins) create a special festive atmosphere and can be successfully used both in an advertising banner and in a photo zone for an event with the participation of many guests;
  • Sequins with an image printed on the surface are used in outdoor and interior advertising, plus as a design element. You can create “living” paintings and installations from panels with sequins. For outdoor advertising, it makes sense to use surfaces with sequins if their area is at least 5 square meters. Then such advertising will be visible from afar. The main thing is that it does not merge with the general background of the building or room

In any case, for structures placed outside, night lighting is necessary so that the magic of the sequins is available both day and night.

Unpretentious, durable, and bright

Panels with sequins

Panels with sequins used for outdoor advertising and interior decoration are not much different. They are well protected from ultraviolet radiation, high humidity, and temperature changes. Their fastenings are resistant to strong gusts of wind. This means that your beautiful advertisement will not break; the sequins will not fly off under strong autumn winds or winter frosts. They do not need to be cleaned of dust, since the dust-repellent coating will save you from the costs of maintaining your advertising in working condition. You can order panels with sequins on our website with delivery to any country in the world.

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