Now there is a serious competition in the world of advertising products. Each manufacturer tries to attract attention by advertising its product, coming up with more and more original ways. But now the "live" signboard, or signboard with sequins is a completely new level.

Live Dynamic signboards are produced from:

  1. paillette,
  2. sequins,
  3. flickering and moving reflective elements.

It makes any signboard unusual and attractive because it is difficult not to pay attention to the sign of this format. The signboard with sequins is used not only for advertising but also for decorating buildings both from the outside and inside, as well as facades and billboards.

This design has an attractive appearance and many advantages.

Dynamic Signboards, sequin panel, SolaAiR

The surface has a special coating, which allows the paillettes not to lose colour, resists breakage or loss. Sequins can be chosen in completely different colours and shapes.

The frame panel is very light in weight and can be attached to various complex surfaces.

The installation of the structure also does not carry any special difficulties, and the size of the signboard also can be chosen.

Weather conditions do not have a significant impact on signboards, because they have high-quality design, and the image from flickering and moving reflective elements is in motion even in the windless weather.

A live signboard is not only an original and spectacular image that will entangle a lot of views but its’s also an excellent design decision for city streets or interior spaces. The main uniqueness of brilliant signboards is a strength, quality, a durability of use. SolaAir produces original patented products. All rights are protected by three patents. All promotional items undergo strict quality control.

Our representative offices exist in almost all the countries of Europe. If you want to order unique signboard on SolaAir technology or become our official representative in your region, please contact us [email protected]

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