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We often hear people proudly say they chose Chinese shimmer disc panels. Frankly, our experts are surprised. Imagine that there are two cars of equal value: Mercedes and a car of the Chinese manufacturer. And you get a Chinese car and be proud of it!

Usually people convince themselves that such a choice is cheaper. But if you look at it, it sounds unconvincing. Remember at the beginning I talked about the equivalent costs? Now I will explain why on an example of advertising shimmer disc panels.

I will share with you a few secrets that you will never tell the sellers of Chinese products:

  1. The legislation of the EU. Chinese panels on plastic base with carnations are a fake. The original products are only from a Russian manufacturer. It has a patent. Therefore, the manufacturer at any time can file a lawsuit, apply to the police and other government agencies to bring to justice. According to the law, the manufacture, import, storage, offer for sale and exploitation of such products is illegal!
  2. Quality and appearance. Chinese shimmer disc panels with carnations look terrible. Carnations can be seen, they are large and strongly protruding, they can even be injured. Chinese sell sequins for weight. These are ordinary sequins that are used to make clothes. They do not reflect light. They are very thin and not reliable. Over time, in the sun, they become fragile and crumble like fall foliage! On the street carnations are oxidized, rusting. The rust flows through the shimmer disc panels. And if we talk about the scenery, then the horrible black base of the panels and the huge caps of carnations, look like an attribute for torture from a horror film. Sequins on these studs, as a rule, hang out in different directions, which further bares the panel itself. Black panels are usually fragile, made of toxic and combustible polymers. They cannot be combined with each other, which makes their use in future projects more expensive. In addition, with frequent use of the sequins are scratched. Therefore, you will have to change them quite often.

Who sells them? As a rule, businessmen who do not have any documents. The products are imported privately, they do not pass the customs clearance procedure, which means that it is counterfeit. Such salespeople think only of today's benefits. They will gladly promise you a guarantee, but in a year, they will change their activities and disappear. In most cases, these "entrepreneurs" have nothing to do with either the design or the production of advertising designs. They are just merchants who take pride in snatching the Chinese counterfeit and selling it cheaper than those who produce it officially, with certificates, with patents and most importantly with an official guarantee!

In general, the choice is yours. I hope I was able to clarify the situation and answer some of your questions!

And in the end. We bought a batch of Chinese panels and have already started testing them for fading. In a month we'll show you how they look. We want people who need high-quality advertising constructions not to make mistakes!

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