Trends for Christmas and New Year Sequins Photo Zones

Christmas and New Year are one of the most beloved and colorful holidays. That’s why designers and event organizers pay such close attention to Christmas and New Year’s photo zones. A successful photo shoot and successful video shoot are half the success of the event. The demand for photo zones made of sequins is growing every year and is always sensitive to fashion trends dictated by the market.

What will attract a Christmas or New Year photo zone made of sequins?

Each event has its photo zone. What is good for Christmas is not always suitable for a family holiday or children's party. Although, of course, there are general rules and traditions.

For example, the decor may include numbers for the coming year, a Christmas or New Year star, large shiny balls, snowflakes, and holiday lighting. As always, panels with sequins create the right atmosphere due to the correctly selected color, texture, size, and shape of the sequins.

  • The shape of the sequins can be rectangular or hexagonal (this is what is best suited for a photo zone as an element of interior decor);
  • The choice of sequin color depends on the customer’s preferences, but designers, as a rule, focus on fashion trends and take into account the format of the event. For a semi-formal party or family celebration, soft, almost pastel colors, silver, dark blue, and glossy texture that reflects light rays are suitable;
  • New Year's balls and snowflakes may not necessarily be present in the photo zone, but they are undoubted symbols of the holiday. Other three-dimensional forms can also be used to create a festive photo zone: luminous figures, shiny garlands (the same silver rain), and Christmas trees, both fully three-dimensional and two-dimensional

For a corporate event, the photo zone must be decorated in the colors of the brand. That is, a logo in corporate colors is created from sequins or other decorative elements. Also, corporate colors can set the tone for the entire photo zone. After all, it is important for a company to receive exactly the information that will help maintain its image, and at the same time bring it closer to a potential client who loves the holiday and everything connected with it.

Christmas and New Year photo zones

Any design ideas

You can order panels with sequins for the New Year's photo zone from the company «Reflection Technology» on our website with delivery worldwide. Almost any idea can be realized in Christmas photo zones. Because sequins today offer a good palette of colors and textures. The panels themselves with sequins can completely cover the vertical surface of the photo zone or serve as part of its decor, reviving exactly those elements that need to attract attention. Three-dimensional elements should not cover dynamic structures so that they can play their role in creating a good, festive mood during a photo shoot and video shoot of the main characters and guests.

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