New horizons of the panels SolaAir, in the implementation of technology projects, LIVE SIGN WITH SEQUINS.

In the process of working with decorators, designers, companies, design, manufacturing companies for the production of outdoor and interior advertising, very often there is a need to launch small advertising structures with the use of technology SolaAir.

Until recently, we welcomed the production of small commercial structures with the panels SolaAir standard. In my opinion it does not look presentable enough, as we used to see it in large projects. Due to the fact that we see great potential in the development of technology SolaAir, the decision was made to design and manufacture a completely new panel - SolaAir Pixel.

This panel took all the best from SolaAir standard. The panel has become denser over the reflecting elements and more dynamic due to the greater number of moving parts. SolaAir kept the Pixel size 300x300mm. At that size, we increased the number of rows vertically and horizontally. In SolaAir Pixel they have not 9x9 as standard panels, 13x13, which respectively gave increase in the number of reflecting elements is more than 2 times. Now they are 169! 

I have to say, the materials used in the manufacture of the Pixel, remains the same, which certainly increases its significance today.

Let's look at a simple example - the production of small advertising signs alive with sequins, with a full fill panels SolaAir, size 600х2100мм. In the application of standard panels, we get 1134 reflecting element, but when using 2336 Pixel is already more than its predecessor twice! This means that your live advertising design with sequins, will be at least two times more to stop yourself admiring views, your potential customers. What will affect the increase of sales of your products or services.

panels with sequins, Sequins Artworks, solaair

At this point, the panel Pixel is represented in one form reflecting elements.

One of the main achievements of the panel was that we have significantly reduced the distance between the movable elements.

Summing up all above said, it becomes clear that SolaAir Pixel unique product with impressive specifications and made from high quality materials!

Live advertising design with system SolaAir Pixel look much more dynamic, brighter and more attractive. 

We can say that SolaAir Pixel is a luxury version of the systems for producing dynamic, live advertising signs. 

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