Sequins Signs for Beauty Salons and Clubs

Using panels with sequins in the design of signs and the interior design of beauty salons, hairdressers, clubs, and fitness centers increases the attractiveness and recognition of these businesses. An unusual approach to the design of shop windows and a good sign attracts the client better than any advertising. People rightly believe that the better the wrapper looks, the more attractive the filling.

Sequin panels as a way to attract attention

To interest a potential client, a beauty salon or a club must look stylish. This means the sign and the interior must correspond to the chosen design style. Panels with sequins do not limit the designer’s creative approach, allowing him to implement bold decisions aimed at attracting attention and creating the image of a prestigious establishment.

Sequins can be of different shapes, colors, and textures, matte, glossy, and mirrored. Each panel contains from 80 (Standard format) to 169 (Pixel format) sequins, which are in constant motion under the influence of vibration or a breath of air. It has been proven that the human eye responds better to movement than to a static image. Due to the effect of a painting coming to life or the shimmer of light, panels with sequins become more noticeable.

Options for using dynamic panels with sequins

Signs with sequins for beauty salons

To attract attention and maintain a favorable image, such panels can be used:

  • On the sign above the entrance to the beauty salon. Size matters because the sign must be visible from afar. But, if it uses panels with movable reflective elements, it becomes more noticeable in any case;
  • In an advertising banner in the window of a beauty salon or hairdresser. This design is easy to position and quickly change if you have a new proposal for a client;
  • In the interior design of the reception of your club, fitness center, or beauty salon. Here you can not only receive visitors but also arrange photo sessions and video recordings to maintain the prestige of the establishment

Movable sequins help solve many problems important to your business. They can be ordered and delivered to your location. Installation does not require special knowledge or tools. They only need electricity for illumination at night (if it is a sign or banner in a shop window). High-quality material and protective coating create conditions for long service. You only pay for production and delivery. No installation, cleaning, or repair costs are required. Panels with sequins do not break and do not lose the freshness of their colors and attractiveness for a potential client. The main thing is to turn to professionals to make them and choose a successful design that will help you always be the center of attention. You can order panels with sequins with worldwide delivery on our website.

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