Sequins for the photo zone for the success of the event

Any photo zone is a collapsible construction for video and photography during a public event. Often this is simply a canvas with a company logo or an uplifting print that serves as a background, creating a certain atmosphere.

Sometimes a photo zone is a rather complex structure using 3D objects and lighting. Special panels with sequins for photo zones have long been a trend when decorating various celebrations and events. Sequins allow you to diversify a photo shoot and attract the attention of guests and invitees to this process. The creativity of such a photo zone ensures increased attention.

Sequins in the photo zone

Panels with sequins are special designs that create a certain effect due to the constant movement of shiny and bright pieces of plastic under the influence of a blow of wind or even vibration. Sequins can carry an image on the surface that seems alive and moving. If the sequins for the photo zone are plain with a mirror or shiny coating, they reflect rays of light, accompanying the constant movement with the play of sunbeams, light splashes, and sparks. It’s beautiful, attracts attention, and creates a certain atmosphere during a photo shoot.

Sequins for decorations

Sequins for decorations Panels with sequins can be used in a photo zone, brand wall, advertising structure, and as decorative elements of interior design. When deciding to use them for a photo zone, it is worth considering some of the features of these lightweight elements.

  • The more sequins in the panel and the smaller they are, the smoother the effect they create;
  • For the photo zone, sequins in the shape of a circle or polygon are best suited, since the viewer is very close to the subject of photo and video shooting and there is no need to make the design more noticeable against the general background;
  • The color of the sequins must correspond to the general design style of the photo zone, brand colors, and the theme of the event. The best option is to choose the color and shape together with the specialists of the manufacturer of panels with sequins for the photo zone

Since any serious event requires time to prepare, it is worth ordering a photo zone in advance. You can, of course, buy ready-made panels with sequins for the photo zone, but, as a rule, this design is quite individual and created to order. By the way, installing a photo zone with sequins is not at all difficult and can be done by the event organizers. On our website, you can order panels with sequins for the photo zone with delivery throughout Europe and the world.

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