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A successful advertising campaign requires new approaches in choosing promotion channels. If we talk about outdoor advertising, today the most effective is the one that uses dynamic panels with sequins. These panels create movement and attract attention better than a static image. They cost less than LCDs and LEDs. No electricity is required to “revive” an advertising image. Most importantly, sequin panels do not limit the creative freedom of designers and marketers. The main thing is to take into account their features.

Secrets and features of panels with sequins for advertising

The sequin panel is a lightweight and flexible frame with fastenings for dynamic elements called sequins. Each of them is suspended on a mount and can rotate around three axes. Since the sequin is very light, any breath of air or vibration causes it to sway. If the sequin has a reflective mirror coating, it scatters sparks and reflections of light. If a part of the image is applied to the sequin, like a mosaic, then the picture begins to move. Such outdoor advertising only needs electricity to illuminate the banner or sign at night, but not to create an attention-grabbing effect.

Conditions for the success of dynamic sequin advertising

It is worth considering several conditions before ordering designers to create your advertising banner or sign with sequin panels.

  • The shape and number of sequins in each panel depends on the area of the banner or sign;
  • For outdoor advertising, round or multi-sided sequins are most often chosen. Their movement is better visible from a distance;
  • The entire surface of the banner or sign does not have to be made up of panels of sequins.
  • If you use sequins that match the color of the main image, it is better to use those in the shape of a disk or polyhedron. This will increase the recognition of your advertising and add richness to the image.
  • If you need to cover up the background color or choose sequins of a different color, those that have a rectangular shape are better suited;
  • The more sequins in the panel, the softer the revitalization effect is

In any case, the company's specialists fulfilling your order for an advertising banner or sign with dynamic panels will advise on the optimal choice of shape, number, and location of panels in your advertising structure. Installation of sequins is simple and can be done by any employee of your company responsible for placing outdoor advertising in selected locations. You can order panels with sequins on our website.

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