Sequin Advertising Trends in 2024

The advertising business actively uses digital technologies and exposure targeting, interactivity, and geolocation to quickly respond to changes in demand, offering exactly what a specific person is looking for. Under these conditions, panels with sequins continue to remain relevant. After all, with their help, you can implement almost any design and marketing idea. They do not require special care or installation and do not depend on the weather or the reliability of the power supply. Large brands and small businesses have appreciated sequin panels' reliability, affordability, and versatility.

A sequin sign is a symbol of the variability of perception

We pay attention primarily to movement and color. In advertising, it is important that movement attracts and does not cause discomfort. The same applies to the color palette. So, a successful design will always be well and correctly perceived. All that remains is to choose what exactly your sign will be. The entire structure, or only part of it, can be made from sequins. The point here is not about saving, but rather about the need to create an additional accent.

In 2024, it will become common for outdoor advertising to use a QR code placed on an advertising banner, you can go to an interactive platform or a special offer posted on social networks. And it is the part next to the code that can be highlighted with sequins.

A sequin banner can also interact with a potential buyer through AR elements, just like other types of outdoor advertising. However, compared to static advertising, a sequin banner is already a dynamic design, in constant motion. Thus, your client receives an additional incentive to pay attention to such advertising. The level of its receptivity, according to recent marketing research, increases by 30% compared to the information conveyed by a static advertising image. That is, a live sign or banner created using panels with sequins is still more profitable.

About trends in outdoor advertising

In addition to the interactivity of outdoor advertising, this year’s trends include:

  • More personalized advertising was created through the introduction of big data and consumer behavior analysis. It is this kind of advertising that better meets the needs and preferences of a particular client. She becomes more focused.
  • Outdoor advertising of well-known brands uses environmentally friendly materials and environmental impact methods. This improves public perception of the brand.
  • Geotargeting is already a trend in outdoor advertising. This is relevant for brands that want to offer exactly what their potential customers are looking for in every city in a given country. By doing so, brands strive to create a lasting impact on their consumers by offering unique and relevant interactions.
  • Outdoor advertising better takes into account the characteristics of consumer perception. This plays a key role in determining its effectiveness. As a result, the consumer will see bright colors, unusual shapes, contrast, and clarity of images in advertising, which allows them to quickly recognize and better remember the information conveyed by the advertising structure. In addition, advertising must evoke positive emotions to remain in the consumer’s memory for a long time.
  • Successful advertising takes into account the social and cultural characteristics of the potential consumer and speaks to him in a language he understands.

sequin banner

As we can see, panels with sequins retain their leading positions in advertising, ensuring the effectiveness of the perception of advertising information, and the necessary level of interaction with the consumer, taking into account the peculiarities of his perception and psychology of behavior. So in 2024, dynamic reflective panels are still in trend. You can order banners and signs with sequins on our website with delivery to any country in the world.

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