Effective advertising is necessary for a successful business. The more vivid and attractive the advertisement, the more chances to achieve sales growth. The production of advertising signs from sequins provides this attraction, allocates you from the total mass of banners and billboards, which are full of city streets.

What is the secret of such advertising? On our banners, the image consists of thousands of small parts that are in constant motion due to any air bubbling. Their surface glitters and sparkles, attracting the gaze of others.

sequin panel, advertising signs, SolaAiR

Experts analyzing the effectiveness of advertising media, confirm that the number of visual contacts of such live advertising is 6 times greater than that of a conventional print advertising. We offer the production of live signage using SolAir technology in Russia and abroad. We are ready to help your business by offering an advertising signboard made of brilliant sequins.

Inviting shine of sequins

In addition to the unusual and attractive content, these signs have a number of other advantages:

colored sequins, sequin panel, SolaAiR

  • do not require connection to a power source;
  • the surface of the sequins has a special coating, which allows long to maintain the brightness of the paints, resistance to atmospheric precipitation, sunlight;
  • the design of the advertising signboard is strong and light, does not need a heavy base and special fasteners;
  • wide choice of color and shape of sequins and sizes depending on the design of your advertisement and the conditions of its use;
  • even in windless weather, the image is constantly in motion, providing the same effect

Making a live image of shiny sequins is better than light advertising. In any weather, at any time of day or night, these live signs will work for you, helping to promote your services and products. You can combine sparkling sequins and parts of the design with backlighting, whether it's the letter of your logo or a glowing trademark. On the surface of the sequins can be applied any image at the request of the customer.

SolaAir guarantees high-quality manufacturing of advertising signs. Do not be fooled by the promises of those who work with Chinese components. For today we offer the most affordable and quality dynamic designs in Russia and supply them to any country in Europe. SolaAir is the production of advertising signs from multi-colored sequins. Make your advertising banners unique!

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