Panels with Sequins for Decoration and Photo Zones

For good decor, it is important to choose the right visualization tools. The designer has plenty of opportunities for this, but believe us, panels with sequins will not be superfluous. For decoration, these dynamic structures are interesting because they create the effect of movement without the participation of electricity. Just a draft or vibration, which is always enough in the room. This could be a wall of sequins or a painting, including one that replicates famous masterpieces of brush or graphic artists.

Interior decor using sequin panels

Panels with sequins for decorationWhen deciding to use panels with sequins for decoration, do not forget that dynamic elements need air. Therefore, place them in a visible place, do not shove them into a corner, trying to diversify empty areas and niches. After all, there are almost no drafts and vibrations that sequins need to work their magic. In addition, these designs themselves help to attract attention, and not just decorate the room or diversify the space.

For sequins to work well for you and your interior, it is worth remembering that:

  • They are capable of creating the effect of image movement and light reflection. In the first case, your painting suddenly begins to come to life and move. Secondly, sequins reflect light, scattering sunbeams, splashes, and rays around;
  • The correct choice of the shape and size of the sequins makes it possible to regulate the smoothness of the movement of the sequins and the effects they create;
  • Their color and shape must correspond to the general idea of the designer and work towards the overall result. If you find yourself in difficulty, representatives of the manufacturer will probably tell you what color and shape is best to choose to implement your design idea

A good result of using panels with sequins for decoration is the expected reaction of visitors to your exclusive space, a correct assessment of the efforts made and, probably, a desire to repeat your experience.

Not just a decor

At an exhibition or in an office there should always be a place for photo sessions and video recordings, which are an important element in promoting the image of a company or person. Panels with sequins are used not only for decoration but also in the design of a photo zone. It is not necessary to turn the entire surface of the photo zone into a dynamic element in constant motion. You can use panels with sequins to highlight a separate element of its design to focus the attention of others on it. Together with volumetric structures, such a photo zone turns into theatrical scenery that can create the right atmosphere during a photo shoot. By choosing panels with sequins for decoration or a photo zone, you will achieve recognition and exclusivity for your brand and its top officials. You can order panels with sequins for decoration or a photo zone on our website with worldwide delivery.

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