How much can an advertisement cost, if it’s attracting six times more visitors than traditional marketing practices? Naturally, it cannot cost a penny.

In competitive conditions, it is quite difficult for a new business to attract new visitors and customers. The abundance of all sorts of advertising posters, stands and banners on the streets of cities have made people less susceptible to promotional products.

To successfully attract new customers, it is very important to aesthetically appealing the appearance of the sign. Bright, well-chosen and decorated sign introduces to the future client your company. Therefore, the external sign should pay special attention.

Living signs, architectural sequins, SolaAiR

The use of new technologies in advertising allowed us to offer customers a new concept of advertising products. Such innovations include promotional products manufactured by using SolaAir technology.

Promotional products made by SolaAir technology have the effect of the "live" advertising. The state-of-the-art production technology of structures used various “scales”, sequins, moving and flickering reflective elements. They are successfully used for advertising purposes for decorative design of outdoor advertising on the facades. It helps in creating a single, unique architectural ensemble. Often, beautiful elements in the SolaAir technique make bright, eye-catching accents relevant in the interior design of commercial real estate premises.

SolaAir advertising panels attract the attention of others at any time of the day, providing you with a constant influx of customers. Depending on the placement, a spectacularly designed “live” SolaAir ad can attract forty percent more future customers and buyers.

sequins, gold shimmer wall panels, SolaAiR

Do you believe that advertising in the SolaAir style is inaccessible and expensive? You're wrong! Thinking about the use of “live” advertising in SolaAir technology, answer the question: “How much can an advertisement cost, attracting six times more visitors than traditional marketing practices?”

The cost of live advertising with sequins varies from 100 to 200$ per m2.

The cost of SolaAir promotional products is available for any business. Advertising, made in SolaAir technology, allows you to attract a larger number of potential customers.

SolaAir technology, architectural sequins, SolaAiR

SolaAir technology makes it possible to produce not just beautiful, but spectacular and individual advertising that works for the future.

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