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Do you need new ideas for window dressing, creating advertising signs, photo zones or press walls? Sequin advertising panels are a new trend. They are just small pieces of plastic that sway under the breath of air or from vibration. But sequins make the image come alive, creating the illusion of sparks, and lights. SolaAir company produces high-quality, reliable, unpretentious panels with sequins. Now the company is expanding its line of proposed effects.

Standard format panels can create a SPLASH effect! To do this, SolaAir designers have combined two colors: the background color is presented in the form of drops or splashes. As a result, you get really unusual panels. Advertising or design using panels with such an effect will surely attract attention and will be remembered by your customers.

Splashes of Champagne

Each of us associates the holiday with salute, colorful fireworks, with splashes of champagne and bright colors. The effect of "SPLASH" will create a festive atmosphere with sequins.

You can:

  • select background color black or white;
  • make splashes on a black background golden, mirror, iridescent;
  • make splashes on a white background mirror or rainbow

As a result, your sequel advertising panels can be made without using mosaic. There was a unique opportunity to create a chaotic flickering color contrasting to the background.

A collection of panels with a new effect is already available for order. At the same time, “SPLASHES” cost as much as standard color panels.

Advertising Panels, panels with sequins, SolaAiR

That's not all. The first who to order from 49 panels in this series for a photo zone will receive 50 more panels for free! Agree, this is a good chance to try advertising panels with a new effect.

We remind you that SolaAir organizes an urgent air delivery of the order in Russia and to Europe.

A dynamic system with sequins can be used for outdoor and interior advertising, design of the exhibition hall, for the photo zone, brand wall and press wall. Sequins provide a wide range of options and effects that always attract attention. You order SolaAir panels, and the advertisement created with their help helps your business.

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