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So, you decided to order an advertising sign that will help attract the attention of potential buyers. Today, the best option to do this is to use the advertising sign from sequins.

These are small pieces of plastic, suspended on horizontal holders, assembled in panels and placed on the facade of a building or above a shop, salon or club, outside or indoors. If the air flow touches the sequins, the magic begins. The paillettes are swinging, the image on the panels comes to life.

A special coating will not allow the colors to fade, and a reliable fastening of the sequins will not allow them to fly away in strong winds. The price of such a sign depends on its size and the number of sequins in each panel.

Dynamic advertising sign from sequins: inexpensive and reliable

Before ordering an advertising sign from sequins, it is necessary to develop its design taking into account the design features and the effect created. Here are a couple of tips that will help you to fully use the magic of sequins.

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  • Moving reflective elements (sequins) can be monochrome (black and white) or multi-color;
  • It is best not to use a sequin on the entire surface of your advertisement, but to create dynamic accents with their help;
  • Sequins can be of different shapes: round, multi-faceted or rectangular. It is important to choose the right shape for your advertisement depending on the general background: if the color of the sequins matches the main one, round elements or polygons will be best, if it is important to play on the contrast of color, it is better to choose rectangles;
  • In the case when panels with sequins have standard colors or are made using Print technology, the background is better to choose closer to the color of the panels.

So, you have determined what exactly you need a sign. The price is agreed, the layout is approved, the order is sent to the performer. What else is worth knowing about sequins? The fact that they are unpretentious in maintenance, easy to clean, not afraid of high and low temperatures, ultraviolet radiation. The warranty period is 2 years, and the service life is much longer.

You can order advertising sign from sequins and in five days get ready-made panels that are easily attached to any surface with screws, double-sided tape or staples.

You can always order an advertising sign anywhere in Europe. Do you need an effective advertising sign? The order will be executed in a short time. There is a delivery in Europe and beyond. The effectiveness of dynamic advertising in comparison with static has already been estimated by experts. A paillette attracts attention 60% better than other types of advertising media.

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