For many people it has become a tradition to take pictures at significant events and in remarkable places. Creating interesting installations and using this tool to promote your business is one of the effective marketing solutions. This trend did not pass by the exhibition "Advertising".

The stand of the company "Technology of Reflection" has become one of such places of attraction. This is a real original photo zone. Therefore, participation in the exhibition of the company quickly went beyond offline. Their photo zone attracted attention of the most demanding advertisers from different cities of Russia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

advertising signs, sequin panel, SolaAiR

The company "Technology Reflection" has been taking part in the "Advertising" exhibition for the third year already. It has become a very recognizable and popular company. Its director and founder Denis Sagidullin said: "At this exhibition there were a number of clients from different regions who perfectly know our products. It's nice to meet colleagues from different cities of Russia. All of them are satisfied with the cooperation and are active users of our products. We are always happy to share our news and, of course, to introduce advertisers and customers to our innovations. "

The main novelty of the company "Technology Reflection", which she presented at the exhibition - is a new panel called SolaAir Bit - with very small moving elements (their size is 12 x 12 mm). The panel is made of heavy-duty polymer material. With its help, you can create pictures and various panels of almost photographic quality. Images can be either monochrome or multicolored. The photo is applied directly to the mobile elements themselves. Thanks to the transparency of the panel, it completely transfers the background image.

sequins sign, sequins ad, SolaAir technology

Already now, within the framework of the new project, the original service has been developed. It enables every visitor to upload his photo or various kinds of images, convert them into different formats using sequins and order online. This is a new souvenir service from the company.

sequins marketing exhibition, shimmer wall, SolaAiR

Denis Sagidullin also shared other important news of the company, where a lot of changes took place in the last year. In particular, the fleet of equipment was updated - new types of equipment were developed, which accelerated the process of assembly and shipment of finished products. Also, the company has its own logistics service, which quickly ships aircraft to almost any destination in Russia and abroad.

sequins wall, sequin panel, SolaAir Bit technology

Summarizing the first results of the exhibition, Denis Sagidullin said: "We liked the exhibition, there are a lot of advertisers who come from distant regions. It's very difficult to pass by our stand. In fact, every third person stops and takes a photo on the background of our panels. By the way panels are created based on the well-known Russian folk tale. And we are very enthusiastic to participate in this exhibition."

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