Decorative Wall Panels with Sequins

The design of any room begins with determining the style, studying the features of the interior space, and choosing materials. Decorative wall panels are most often used where it is necessary to hide imperfections and highlight the advantages of a room. Decorative panels with sequins are actively used in interior design, as they solve the main problem - maintaining a given style, giving it a brighter individuality.

Such different panels with sequins

декоративные стеновые панели

  • Dynamic reflective panels with sequins work well not only in outdoor and interior advertising but as design elements. They are easy to install. The created effect of movement or reflection of light does not require any additional effort, but it works well on the visual component of the room space. The sequins of dynamic panels are constantly in motion due to a small airflow or vibration, always present where there is a lot of air and space. If you need to decorate a room with a complex configuration of panels, you should consider:
  • See how well your living picture or dynamic wall will be visible in the room from different points. There is no point in pushing sequins into a corner that is hard to see and where there is no room for air and vibration;
  • The area of ​​a dynamic design element must correspond to the surface on which it is located. It can be on the entire wall, but for this, you need to think about the design of both the room itself and the dynamic panels;
  • These decorative wall panels should be well-lit. Otherwise, what’s the point of making a painting, albeit a large one, if the effect of movement is not visible?
  • In addition to the size, color palette, and texture of the sequins, their size is also important so that the effect of movement or reflection is softer and does not tire the eyes.

Advantage in variety

Dynamic decorative wall panels can be used to decorate an office, a room, in which people are constantly present (visitors, clients, reception, for example), meeting rooms, a home, or an apartment (this can be small decorative forms or living pictures). Before deciding which panels with sequins to buy, you should still think about the design and consult with specialists from the manufacturer. There are panels with sequins created specifically for interior design. They have their characteristics and advantages over those intended for outdoor advertising. On our website, you will find examples of successful design solutions using panels with sequins. All that remains is to decide which decorative wall panels to choose and which ones to place.

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