Using SolaAir technologies, you can create original "live" press walls and branding walls at an affordable cost.

The necessary element for the design of halls and other places for various official events and ceremonies is the branding wall. The use of the SolaAir technology opens up new opportunities for designers in the production of press walls.

What is the branding wall?

It literally means "branded wall" or brand zone. Initially, this type of construction was used to design press conferences, where it was necessary to advertise the organizers (sponsors) of the event. The design of the branding wall was a frame made of metal with a special banner coating stretched over it. The image on it could be varied: the slogan, the name of the event, photos, logos.

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The main requirement when creating such a construction is a height of not more than 3 meters. The length of the product depends on the features of the place and the wishes of the customers, but for large press wall it is preferable to use several separate fragments. Ordering the branding wall, you get the opportunity to originally decorate the place or break it into different zones. If you want, you can focus on the certain element.

Structurally, the press wall is a frame made of steel tubes with a stretched solid ecological cloth or plastic panel. You can use press walls as a banner for photo shoots at exhibitions, when decorating trading halls. Ordering a press wall for the wedding, the organizers of the grand event provide guests with the opportunity to make spectacular photos and create the unique interior of the hall. The original press wall for a birthday will surely please the birthday boy/girl. On such a banner you can place congratulations to the birthday person, his/her photos and wishes.

The SolaAir Technology

The SolaAir technology implies the use of light decorative panels with holes for sequin shimmering signs. Their installation can be carried out on any surface. The transparent and high-strength polymer is used for their manufacture. Movable reflective elements are located on the surface. They catch the slightest glare of lighting and air flows. In this case, the whole structure "comes to life" and begins to move. Elements can be made in various forms: a disk, a square, a polyhedron. Color solutions of reflective elements are also available in a wide range.

branding walls, Shimmer wall, SolaAiR

A photo or any other image can be applied to the surface of the reflecting elements by means of full-color printing technologies. The number of companies that have chosen our decorative panels based on the SolaAir Technology is constantly growing, as they have a number of advantages.

Press walls and branding walls made by the technology of SolaAir have following advantages:

  • the uniqueness of products;
  • the reliability of design;
  • the possibility of multiple assembly / disassembly;
  • the affordable cost;
  • high aesthetic characteristics;
  • the mobility;
  • the convenience of transportation and installation

You can buy an original press wall for wedding, other memorable event or for official events at a reasonable price. Our company is located in Russia, but delivery is carried out throughout Europe and South-East Asia. There is the possibility of urgent delivery.

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