5 Benefits of Advertising with Sequins

For advertising to help sales, it must be effective. We are discussing strategy, the choice of channels for promoting any advertising information, and some advertising media. The advertising with sequins helps you achieve your goals.

Living wall made of sequins

  • Dynamic panels with sequins in outdoor advertising are more noticeable, as they attract attention due to the effect of movement, which static advertising does not have. Advertising with sequins will not get lost in a large flow of advertising information;
  • To create the effect of movement, sequins do not require power. Movement is created by the rotation of moving elements (sequins) from a blow of wind, draft, or vibration;
  • Panels with sequins provide visibility due to the effect of a “living image” or reflection of streams of light if the surface of the sequins is mirrored;
  • A special coating on the surface of the sequins protects them from ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, and high humidity. Special fastening for sequins ensures their reliable operation. They do not fly under strong gusts of wind;
  • Resistance to external influences guarantees a long service life of such structures and eliminates the need for constant maintenance (repairs, cleaning the surface from dust, etc.)

advertising with sequins

As a result, advertising with sequins is not only effective but also more profitable compared to other outdoor advertising media.

Panels with sequins allow you to embody any design ideas since their dynamic elements have a large selection of colors and textures. These panels can be used for both outdoor and interior advertising. The entire advertising surface doesn't need to be given over to panels with sequins. You can focus on the logo or slogan of a sign, advertising banner, interior panel, or room design element.

SolaAir specialists help you choose the optimal number and shape of sequins for panels and determine what effect they create that will attract attention. You can order sequin panels with delivery worldwide at any branch of our company.

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