The Latest Generation of SolaAir Panels

Nova is the latest generation of SolaAir panels. They are even stronger, lighter and more durable. We have combined technical capabilities with new design trends. SolaAir sequin panels have now gone beyond advertising decorations and are ready to compete with premium materials in building design.

How Nova panels differ from Standard and Pixel panels?

  • They have new connectors. Now you do not need to use improvised tools for assembling and disassembling panels
  • Weigh 90 grams, meaning they are 50 grams lighter
  • New surface texture. The surface of the sequins has a noble satin sheen
  • Displacement of reflective elements allows the use of sequins of different shapes and sizes
  • These panels have a wider usage

In addition to advertising surfaces, signs, facades and frames, Nova sequin panels are ideal for interior decoration. They can be used for cladding walls and protruding structures, in finishing niches and individual design elements.

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